How to improve SALES at a virtual festival or fair

In the good old days when we had live fairs or festivals there were two distinct camps

Food & Drink where people came with the intention to buy
And………. Art & Craft where people came with the intention to browse

A big difference in intent! Buy or Browse

The odds improved if Food & Drink was combined with Art & Craft or when it was the lead up to the Festive season where people were actually seeking presents!

And here’s the thing You yes YOU, the maker and artisan need to – in fact must engage with your potential customer let alone your existing one!

You will not gain customers and sales sitting behind your stalls avoiding eye contact and not speaking…

And would you believe the same applies when you attend a Virtual Fair or Festival.

I know because I have organised both live and virtual festivals and the ones who step out of their comfort zone and engage with people gain more sales whether it is immediate or later.

With the emergence of the virtual or digital fair let us discuss how you can improve your sales and build your following and customer lists.

You Need to be ENGAGING

Let’s start with your post. Too many makers just upload pictures with no explanation, Facebook and Instagram are full of pictures and whilst quite pleasant to look at tells you absolutely nothing about the product, and I bet you are bit like me ……….

You want to know how it was created, the inspiration behind it and why the customer would love it!

There is a wood turner in the village where I live and he regular posts pictures of his creations and regularly asks what people think of the grain of the wood, whether they like the product, how it can be improved or whether a new design worked - which on one occasion didn’t really but his customers loved him for it and made suggestions which he followed.
This wood turner is taking his followers and customers on a journey with him, asking questions, commenting and creating great engagement so when he asks his followers to share they do and when he boldly puts one of his creations up for sale - it is bought! ----
When you post a picture, do be engaging in your words. Do not be feature driven, ie ingredients, component parts. Look to the benefits and when it comes to gifts. Consider how the recipient will feel on receiving the present.
Be inspiring, enthusiastic, ask questions like the wood turner get people on your side and engaging with you and you will find they will become not only customers but influencers too ----

Back to improving your sales at virtual or digital fairs:

Last but not least tell them:-

Apart from increased sales and customers your engagement will increase your followers which in turn will bring sales and more new customers.
The more questions you ask of your followers, the more responses you receive which will help you build a picture of your ideal customer together with their needs and likes. This will help you create products they like and will buy. Be curious – ask questions!
My team and I are happy to help, just pop your question in the comments box below. Happy Selling!
Diana Vickers X

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